PHP Manual

Mehdi Achour
Friedhelm Betz
Antony Dovgal
Nuno Lopes
Philip Olson
Georg Richter
Damien Seguy
Jakub Vrana
And several others

Edited by

Gabor Hojtsy


Table of Contents
Authors and Contributors
I. Getting Started
1. Introduction
2. A simple tutorial
II. Installation and Configuration
3. General Installation Considerations
4. Installation on Unix systems
5. Installation on Mac OS X
6. Installation on Windows systems
7. Installation of PECL extensions
8. Problems?
9. Runtime Configuration
III. Language Reference
10. Basic syntax
11. Types
12. Variables
13. Constants
14. Expressions
15. Operators
16. Control Structures
17. Functions
18. Classes and Objects (PHP 4)
19. Classes and Objects (PHP 5)
20. Exceptions
21. References Explained
IV. Security
22. Introduction
23. General considerations
24. Installed as CGI binary
25. Installed as an Apache module
26. Filesystem Security
27. Database Security
28. Error Reporting
29. Using Register Globals
30. User Submitted Data
31. Magic Quotes
32. Hiding PHP
33. Keeping Current
V. Features
34. HTTP authentication with PHP
35. Cookies
36. Sessions
37. Dealing with XForms
38. Handling file uploads
39. Using remote files
40. Connection handling
41. Persistent Database Connections
42. Safe Mode
43. Using PHP from the command line
VI. Function Reference
I. Apache-specific Functions
II. Advanced PHP debugger
III. Array Functions
IV. Aspell functions [deprecated]
V. BCMath Arbitrary Precision Mathematics Functions
VI. PHP bytecode Compiler
VII. Bzip2 Compression Functions
VIII. Calendar Functions
IX. CCVS API Functions [deprecated]
X. COM and .Net (Windows)
XI. Classkit Functions
XII. Class/Object Functions
XIII. ClibPDF Functions
XIV. Crack Functions
XV. CURL, Client URL Library Functions
XVI. Cybercash Payment Functions
XVII. Cyrus IMAP administration Functions
XVIII. Character Type Functions
XIX. Database (dbm-style) Abstraction Layer Functions
XX. Date and Time Functions
XXI. dBase Functions
XXII. DBM Functions [deprecated]
XXIII. dbx Functions
XXIV. DB++ Functions
XXV. Direct IO Functions
XXVI. Directory Functions
XXVII. DOM Functions
XXIX. .NET Functions
XXX. Error Handling and Logging Functions
XXXI. Exif Functions
XXXII. File Alteration Monitor Functions
XXXIII. FrontBase Functions
XXXIV. filePro Functions
XXXV. Filesystem Functions
XXXVI. Forms Data Format Functions
XXXVII. FriBiDi Functions
XXXVIII. FTP Functions
XXXIX. Function Handling Functions
XL. Gettext
XLI. GMP Functions
XLII. HTTP Functions
XLIII. Hyperwave Functions
XLIV. Hyperwave API Functions
XLV. iconv Functions
XLVI. Image Functions
XLVII. IMAP, POP3 and NNTP Functions
XLVIII. Informix Functions
XLIX. Firebird/InterBase Functions
L. ID3 Functions
LI. Ingres II Functions
LII. IRC Gateway Functions
LIII. PHP / Java Integration
LIV. LDAP Functions
LV. LZF Functions
LVI. Mail Functions
LVII. mailparse Functions
LVIII. Mathematical Functions
LIX. Multibyte String Functions
LX. MCAL Functions
LXI. Mcrypt Encryption Functions
LXII. MCVE Payment Functions
LXIII. Memcache Functions
LXIV. Mhash Functions
LXV. Mimetype Functions
LXVI. Microsoft SQL Server Functions
LXVII. Ming functions for Flash
LXVIII. Miscellaneous Functions
LXIX. mnoGoSearch Functions
LXX. mSQL Functions
LXXI. MySQL Functions
LXXII. Improved MySQL Extension
LXXIII. Mohawk Software Session Handler Functions
LXXIV. muscat Functions
LXXV. Network Functions
LXXVI. Ncurses Terminal Screen Control Functions
LXXVII. Lotus Notes Functions
LXXVIII. NSAPI-specific Functions
LXXIX. ODBC Functions (Unified)
LXXX. Object Aggregation/Composition Functions
LXXXI. Oracle 8 functions
LXXXII. OpenAL Audio Bindings
LXXXIII. OpenSSL Functions
LXXXIV. Oracle Functions
LXXXV. Ovrimos SQL Functions
LXXXVI. Output Control Functions
LXXXVII. Object property and method call overloading
LXXXVIII. Parsekit Functions
LXXXIX. PDF functions
XC. PDO Functions
XCI. Verisign Payflow Pro Functions
XCII. PHP Options&Information
XCIII. POSIX Functions
XCIV. PostgreSQL Functions
XCV. Process Control Functions
XCVI. Program Execution Functions
XCVII. Printer Functions
XCVIII. Pspell Functions
XCIX. GNU Readline
C. GNU Recode Functions
CI. Regular Expression Functions (Perl-Compatible)
CII. qtdom Functions
CIII. Rar Functions
CIV. Regular Expression Functions (POSIX Extended)
CV. Secure Shell2 Functions
CVI. Semaphore, Shared Memory and IPC Functions
CVII. SESAM Database Functions
CVIII. Session Handling Functions
CIX. Shared Memory Functions
CX. SimpleXML functions
CXI. SOAP Functions
CXIII. Shockwave Flash Functions
CXIV. SNMP Functions
CXV. Socket Functions
CXVI. Standard PHP Library (SPL) Functions
CXVII. Stream Functions
CXVIII. String Functions
CXIX. Sybase Functions
CXX. TCP Wrappers Functions
CXXI. Tidy Functions
CXXII. Tokenizer Functions
CXXIII. URL Functions
CXXIV. Variable Functions
CXXV. vpopmail Functions
CXXVI. W32api Functions
CXXVII. WDDX Functions
CXXVIII. xattr Functions
CXXIX. XML Parser Functions
CXXX. XML-RPC Functions
CXXXI. xdiff Functions
CXXXII. XSL functions
CXXXIV. YAZ Functions
CXXXV. YP/NIS Functions
CXXXVI. Zip File Functions (Read Only Access)
CXXXVII. Zlib Compression Functions
44. Overview
45. Extension Possibilities
46. Source Layout
47. PHP's Automatic Build System
48. Creating Extensions
49. Using Extensions
50. Troubleshooting
51. Source Discussion
52. Accepting Arguments
53. Creating Variables
54. Duplicating Variable Contents: The Copy Constructor
55. Returning Values
56. Printing Information
57. Startup and Shutdown Functions
58. Calling User Functions
59. Initialization File Support
60. Where to Go from Here
61. Reference: Some Configuration Macros
62. API Macros
VIII. PHP API: Interfaces for extension writers
63. Streams API for PHP Extension Authors
IX. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
64. General Information
65. Mailing lists
66. Obtaining PHP
67. Database issues
68. Installation
69. Build Problems
70. Using PHP
71. PHP and HTML
72. PHP and COM
73. PHP and other languages
74. Migrating from PHP 2 to PHP 3
75. Migrating from PHP 3 to PHP 4
76. Migrating from PHP 4 to PHP 5
77. Miscellaneous Questions
X. Appendixes
A. History of PHP and related projects
B. Migrating from PHP 4 to PHP 5
C. Migrating from PHP 3 to PHP 4
D. Migrating from PHP/FI 2 to PHP 3
E. Debugging PHP
F. Extending PHP 3
G. Configure options
H. List of core php.ini directives
I. List of Function Aliases
J. List of Reserved Words
K. List of Resource Types
L. List of Supported Protocols/Wrappers
M. List of Available Filters
N. List of Supported Socket Transports
O. PHP type comparison tables
P. List of Parser Tokens
Q. About the manual
R. Open Publication License
S. Function Index