(PHP 3, PHP 4 , PHP 5)

pg_pconnect -- Open a persistent PostgreSQL connection


resource pg_pconnect ( string connection_string [, int connect_type] )

pg_pconnect() opens a connection to a PostgreSQL database. It returns a connection resource that is needed by other PostgreSQL functions.

For a description of the connection_string parameter, see pg_connect().

To enable persistent connection, the pgsql.allow_persistent php.ini directive must be set to "On" (which is the default). The maximum number of persistent connection can be defined with the pgsql.max_persistent php.ini directive (defaults to -1 for no limit). The total number of connections can be set with the pgsql.max_links php.ini directive.

pg_close() will not close persistent links generated by pg_pconnect().

See also pg_connect(), and the section Persistent Database Connections for more information.